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“I’m Getting Uncomfortable….”

Typically, the above title is something you might say in an awkward situation and it is generally a negative statement. That’s not how I want you to look at it from now on. I want you to get uncomfortable!

Too often, we are seeking comfort in our everyday lives. We want the AC on when it’s hot, and the heat on when it’s cold… we want to be around people that we know well and who make us feel good about ourselves. We want to eat foods we like, drink what we want, and do things that make us relax and not stress. I am telling you to think about NOT doing those things this week. I’ll say it again: I want you to get uncomfortable!

Research tells us that getting in a cold shower or immersing in a cold tub can profoundly affect our bodies. Doing either of those things is just plain uncomfortable. In the same way, getting super hot in a sauna or steam room can also be beneficial and good for us. Another way to get uncomfortable would be to put your phone down and actually speak to people around you. Imagine not looking at your phone in a waiting room with other strangers. Or actually meeting someone at the gym, instead of popping in your AirPods as soon as you walk in the door. You might actually make a new friend! (If you can find another person without their headphones on that is!)

How about a tough workout that we don’t want to do? Putting ourselves through that can also be immensely good for us. Yesterday I set a goal to be on the Stairmaster for 30 minutes straight. At the 15-minute mark, I considered getting off since I felt like I had already gotten a decent workout but instead, I stayed on the machine until the 30 minutes were up. I was uncomfortable with the last 15 minutes that I did not feel like doing. But once the whole workout was over, I felt like a champ. I had set a goal and stuck to it.

My challenge to you this week is to get uncomfortable and see that through: set a goal in the shower to turn the faucet to “cold” and stand in the stream for 30 seconds… get into your hot car after it’s been sitting in the sun for a few hours and don’t turn the AC on for at least 5 minutes (there’s your sauna!)....don’t look at your phone in a situation where you are around strangers and see if you actually meet someone and make a new friend!

Whatever the uncomfortable situation, just do it. You will feel accomplished and might even choose to continue getting uncomfortable more often.

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