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No Excuses

Do you ever feel like you have a good reason (or two) to skip a workout? What about a good reason to eat something you probably should avoid? These “reasons” tend to have a name. Let’s label them what they really are: excuses! If we continue to make excuses, we are going to find ourselves a month from now, precisely in the same place. We can either stop making excuses and move forward toward our goals or remain stagnant and not make any momentum.

I often find myself making excuses for things that might be uncomfortable. Some of the excuses that I made this past week included: “Getting into that cold tub is going to be hard…maybe I will skip it today” or “It’s so hot out right now. A walk is probably not a good idea” or “My friend brought this cake over and I should probably have a slice or I might offend her.” There are an endless amount of excuses that we can make when we have something uncomfortable in front of us. Even in social situations, we can choose to look at our phones and not at the other people in the room. We use our phones as an excuse when we might feel awkward about having a conversation with strangers. Whatever the case, we need to recognize when we are using an excuse and immediately second guess that. If the situation where we are making an excuse is something that would be good for us, then we need to stop and rethink that. If we want to go forward and make progress, the excuses we make can stall that forward momentum and set us back.

Each day, we have choices that will point us in one direction: either forward or backward. We can choose to make progress or we can choose to make excuses and stay in our comfort zone. Either way, the days will continue to go by whether we like it or not. Time will not stand still and wait for you. The little decisions we make daily can affect so much of our future.

A month from now, where will you be? You can look back on a long line of excuses or you can see yourself on the path to bettering yourself. The choice is yours! Let’s stop making excuses and choose progress instead.

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